Photographed in our local library car park.

Cat bin woman strikes again?

Barnaby bulletin


A few weeks back, we mentioned how we're doing the branding for the Barnaby Festival, a revival of a local Macclesfield celebration that goes back centuries, but has all but died out in recent years. The festival takes place in a couple of weeks' time, so things have been busy.

Alongside the set of postcards we produced, the main piece of print is the festival brochure (pictured above). Once you fold it out, half of it doubles as an A3 poster:


which various shop windows have now started displaying:


And this is how the rest of it looks:



About 40,000 copies were sent for delivery around Macclesfield, while we volunteered to deliver a couple of thousand door-to-door in nearby Bollington (our manor).


This was a slightly bigger task than we first realised and we now have an intimate acquaintance with the many letterbox designs of Britain. Hats off to whoever invented the ankle-high, vertical, tightly-sprung-metal-flap, stiff-brush variety – contender for most misanthropic invention of modern times.

Meanwhile, some big Barnaby banners have started to spring up around Macclesfield, partly as advertising, but also to help with the town decoration for the festivities themselves. 


Not long to go now. Trust you've all kept the weekend free. (Macclesfield is exactly 100 minutes on the Virgin train from London and, from what we've heard, there's never much going on there at the weekends.)

National mascots



  1. Slick
  2. Glossy
  3. Highly polished
  4. Near-identical
  5. Automatons
  6. One blue, one yellow
  7. Morph to resemble whoever is closest to them
  8. Slightly paunchy
  9. Headlights suggest both are taxis for hire
  10. Jointly claim to represent the nation
More here.

Mallard confusion


On an icy morning I met a mallard,
wondering what had made the canal hard.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “It’s just the winter –
it makes the water hard to get inter.”

It's raining in Rainow


Looking into the past


Just found this Flickr group via onefloorup. Superimposing the past on the present. Very good – some of them almost have you welling up.

Shop Open Beer


A good name for a place