Self-not-quite-initiated projects

As mentioned in the previous post, I recently took part in an evening of talks at the Jerwood Space in London, as part of the After Hours exhibition.

My talk was titled 'Self-not-quite-initiated projects' and you can see it here, from about 10mins 40secs onwards. The talk goes through a series of ideas and half-thoughts that I've had for future self-initiated projects. Once again, I should take this opportunity to heavily assert my copyright over all of them. 

The film also contains talks from Phil Carter, Jim Sutherland, Katie Edelsten and Annie Hazelwood, Craig Oldham, Michael Johnson and host Nick Eagleton, as well as some images of the exhibition itself if you were unable to make it along. 



Just been interviewed by the good people at the Raw Type blog. You can read the whole thing here.

As well as a mention for Corpoetics, Pentone and Mr Blog, the interview features a subtle plug for fishages, a new food concept that Asbury & Asbury hopes to pioneer in the near future.