11 from 11

In the predictable rush to cover natural disasters, political upheaval and the fall of empires, many reviews of 2011 will no doubt fail to note our blogging exploits – so we've been forced to write our own.

Here are eleven posts from 2011:


1. The year began on a sad note with Mr Blog’s Valedictory Awards Show.


2. The valedictory mood continued with reflections on Rob McElwee’s disappearance from our daily lives.


3 & 4. February was poetry month – one about Asda launching a dating service, and one about the birth of a new Asbury (the defining moment of our year in a big and increasingly noisy way).


5. April saw ill-informed copywriters defacing a blind man’s sign.

6. May was all about the Creative Amnesty, a joint venture with Creative Review, which saw the great and good of the creative world sharing their worst ideas.


7. June was the month of 1,000 words.


8. July was The One With The Really Good Friends Advert.


9. September saw a rare venture into long-form blogging, with some reflections on wackaging and the trouble with copywriting.


10. October saw the unwrapping of WrapperRhymes.


11. And finally there was a salute to the greatest brand name of all time: Rotavator.


If you have been, thank you – and happy Christmas.

Creative Amnesty: The Aftermath

Picture 4
So, as expected, Wednesday was an interesting day.

Creative Review allowed me to take control of their Twitter account and I used the opportunity to launch the first ever #CreativeAmnesty – a chance for creative professionals to share their worst work in an atmosphere of mutual sympathy and tolerance.

It was good fun, with entertaining and admirably honest contributions coming in from various corners of the globe. I believe I also managed to destroy the careers of various competitors along the way.

I’ve put together a rough timeline of how the day developed, using Storify.

So stop reading this and go and read that instead.

Creative Amnesty


Today should be an interesting day. Creative Review have invited me to guest edit their Twitter account.

It's not often you get the chance to tweet to 372,000 people, so I thought I should use it to get an interesting conversation going.

It struck me that most creatives are comfortable talking about their best work, but conversation about the worst stuff is understandably taboo. It's a shame because everyone has a story about a nightmare project and they're usually amusing, not to mention instructive.

So, today I'm co-opting the Creative Review Twitter account to declare an official Creative Amnesty.

For one day only, share your most shameful creative projects with impunity. No sniping, no shame. Just sympathy and mutual support.

I'm inviting people to post their contributions on Twitter using the #creativeamnesty hashtag. Pithy project descriptions are fine. Extra points for images and links. You can also blog about it in more detail elsewhere and tweet a link.

I'm already gathering some of the best stories at checkthis.com/creativeamnesty Please go and have a read. Confessions so far include:

—Me talking about some horoscopes I once wrote
—Sue Asbury recalling some ethnically sensitive balloons
—Stuart Watson of Venture Three discussing some awkward student plagiarism
—Richard Weston (Mr Acejet170) confessing to a series of career low-points
—And a charming tale involving a John Travolta cut-out from awards magnet Chris Doyle

The site will be updated as the day goes on, with contributions from the great and good of the creative world. Please join in.

(For the uninitiated, checkthis is a web publishing tool, usefully described as 'between nothing and a blog'. You can sign in using this link: http://checkthis.com/invite/coupon/creativeamnesty It's a handy way to post up #creativeamnesty entries and link to them on Twitter.)