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June 2016

Porpoise news

Porpoises1 (4)


A poem I wrote about porpoises has appeared in a book called When Mountain Lions Are Neighbors – People and wildlife working it out in California.

I guess the advantage of writing poems about porpoises is you can quickly corner the market.

Written by Beth Pratt-Bergstrom of the National Wildlife Federation, the book tells stories about humans and animals living in various states of harmony – including foxes on the Facebook campus in Silicon Valley, a mountain lion called P-22 who lives in the middle of Los Angeles, and the porpoises who returned to San Francisco Bay in 2007 after a 65-year absence. Good for them.

The book is available here and all proceeds go to the National Wildlife Federation. 

One tournament. 24 slogans.


I’ve reviewed and rated the team slogans for Euro 2016 on Creative Review. You can read it all here.

It’s a follow-up to a similar review I did for the 2014 World Cup, where Ivory Coast’s ‘Elephants Charging Towards Brazil!’ was the clear winner. The slogans aren’t quite up to that mark, but then few slogans are.

I’ve decided not to do another Nation’s Prayer this time round, but for the record ‘Harry be thy Kane’ would have been a good second line.