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November 2015

Get them while they're hot


We’ve put four new Pentone mugs in the shop today.

Pentone is our not-entirely-serious system for dividing written language into different ‘tones of voice’ in the same way that Pantone does for colour.

The new mugs include:


Pentone Yorkshire
A rewritten version of our previous Pentone Yorkshire mug. Perfect with Yorkshire Tea. Or just a good way to patronise a northern friend.


Pentone Scouse
One half of Asbury & Asbury is from Liverpool, so we are allowed to do this.


Pentone Dad
Don’t look at me in that tone of voice


Pentone Mum
You’ll buy it and you’ll like it.

All mugs are English fine bone china, hand-decorated in the UK, dishwasher and microwave proof, white on the inside (important for making tea) and a good, satisfying size.

There aren’t that many of them, so please factor rarity into your purchasing state of mind.


Pentone Boxset
There is also this bumper boxset of 30 tones. But don’t pour tea into it.