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It made me laugh. Bitterly.


Oh this is brilliant. Been laughing knowingly!


Vorsprung Durch Technik = Advantage through technology


Great. I'll just whip this into Pulitzer winning press release in 10 minutes, call all my buddies at the Nationals and we can have it on the front page of the dailies tomorrow.

My name is Dom. I'm in PR. Not ER. Or something.


Crap. Inappropriate capital and a missing 'a'. I'll get my coat.

Nick Asbury

Thanks all (particularly 'x' for the German translation - 'Advantage through technology' is cleared to go for the UK campaign).

Dom - typos are always welcome on this blog. I'll clear my diary for the Newsnight & One Show interviews.


Number 7 is superb.

קטלוג כספות

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Nick Asbury

No worries, 21. We should go out for a beer some time.

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