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Personally, I think they should've rebranded as Mr Waterstone.

Nick Asbury

Now you're talking.

Sarah Turner

So now they're Waterstones will it be Waterstones's decision? Like Chris's decision. Or Waterstones' as a plural like girls'? The first is correct but just try saying that! Waterstonzis!

Sainsbury's assume that Sainsbury's is short for Sainsbury's store/shop and continue that theme with Sainsbury's car park, Sainsbury's policy, Sainsbury's customer services. Harrods, having dropped their apostrophe, ignore it all together and say Harrods parking, Harrods returns policy. To me, Waterstone's -sorry - Waterstones has created more problems than it's solved. But then I love a good apostrophe.

Nick Asbury

An honourable position. You're right - Waterstones's does sound a bit Gollum-ish.


I can't help thinking that in 100 years(') time we'll wonder what the fuss was about[1], when virtually all apostrophes have been abandoned on the grounds that people were mainly just confused by them. And those that weren't, were often the slightly annoying people. I'm including myself by the way.

[1] Quite apart from the fact that a) I'll be 147, so slightly surprised that I got there in the first place, and b) a degree of bewilderment is only to be expected.

Nick Asbury

Thanks Steve. Have to say I admire anyone who includes a footnote in a blog comment - there should be more of that kind of thing.

Richard Holt

Lying next to each other on the Piccadilly line are Barons Court and Earl's Court stations. I'm sure there's a reason for one having an apostrophe and not the other, but it melts my brain a little every time...


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