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December 2011

11 from 11

In the predictable rush to cover natural disasters, political upheaval and the fall of empires, many reviews of 2011 will no doubt fail to note our blogging exploits – so we've been forced to write our own.

Here are eleven posts from 2011:


1. The year began on a sad note with Mr Blog’s Valedictory Awards Show.


2. The valedictory mood continued with reflections on Rob McElwee’s disappearance from our daily lives.


3 & 4. February was poetry month – one about Asda launching a dating service, and one about the birth of a new Asbury (the defining moment of our year in a big and increasingly noisy way).


5. April saw ill-informed copywriters defacing a blind man’s sign.

6. May was all about the Creative Amnesty, a joint venture with Creative Review, which saw the great and good of the creative world sharing their worst ideas.


7. June was the month of 1,000 words.


8. July was The One With The Really Good Friends Advert.


9. September saw a rare venture into long-form blogging, with some reflections on wackaging and the trouble with copywriting.


10. October saw the unwrapping of WrapperRhymes.


11. And finally there was a salute to the greatest brand name of all time: Rotavator.


If you have been, thank you – and happy Christmas.

Pentone Hard Sell


Do you want to buy a mug for Christmas? And do you want to place an order before midday on Monday 12 December? If so, read on!

Two and a half years ago, we produced some Pentone mugs – an extension of our Pentone system for dividing written language into different tones of voice (a not-entirely-serious system).

Since then, the mugs have been selling at a slow but pleasingly steady rate, to the point where we’ve now SOLD OUT of Pentone Yorkshires. If you’re the owner of one, consider thysen lucky.

But there are still three varieties to choose from:


Pentone Mug: A true mug’s mug. If it’s not right for you, then it’s definitely right for one of your friends. You know the one.


Pentone Sympathetic: A mug that offers both tea and sympathy. And we all need a bit of both now and again.


Pentone Stirring: A mug that stirs you. Recommended for important business meetings and major sporting occasions.

All mugs are finest bone china, made in Britain, dishwasher and microwave proof. The best thing about them is their size – we find they’re ideal for a good brew, and the white interior allows you to judge the colour of your tea more accurately.

Order very quick if you want one before Christmas – for deliveries within the UK, we need the order by midday Monday 12 December. (If you’re outside the UK, it may already be too late – maybe next year.)

All deliveries come with a free set of Pentone swatches.

Buy now, pay now.

And a reminder that Pentone Yorkshire has SOLD OUT.