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The word "listening" is interesting. Possibly because he broadcast more on radio than he did on TV. I dare say that's where you really earn your crust, no flashing graphics, sweeping satellite images and magic button to press, just the spoken word.

Nick Asbury

Good point. The choice of 'listening' sounded deliberate to me. (Everything Rob says is deliberate.) I think there's an implied criticism of the way weather forecasting is heading. It's become an increasingly visual medium, where the focus is on the whizzy graphics and the physical appearance of the presenters. Rob knows it's ultimately about the words.


An excellent post, thanks. It's a sad day indeed. Rob McElwee was a rare breed; he was a weather presenter who spoke to us like adults. (Imagine that!)
Witty, erratic, occasionally baffling - Rob will be sorely missed.

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He is really such a great guy.

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