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May 2010

Beyond petroleum


In response to BP's continuing policy of investing in tar sands extraction (and the recent Louisiana oil spill), Greenpeace is running a competition* to redesign the BP logo – part of a trend of 'brand sabotage' that also manifested itself in the Tory election poster response.

In a similar spirit, I thought I'd revisit Corpoetics and have a go at a BP version. (For the uninitiated, Corpoetics was a series of poems rearranging the words from corporate websites.)

It's strange writing these things, because the poem seems to emerge from the original text without you completely controlling it. In this case, it all went a bit Old Testament:

Beyond petroleum

After the platforms,
the ships, the refineries,

After the solutions,
the fuel and facilities,

After the products,
the light and the heat,

After the pride
and the corporate need,

After today
and what we do now,

God and the world.
God and the world.


* The logo competition entries so far include the monstrous:


the slightly more subtle:  


and the exquisitely crafted:


Full Flickr set here.

The Literary Platform


The Literary Platform is an interesting and timely new site showcasing projects that experiment with literature and technology. I've just written an article for them about Significant Objects (the project that put the power of story-telling to the test on eBay).

There's plenty more good stuff on the site, like 26 Exchanges, Phaidon Design Classics, Songs of Imagination and Digitisation and The New Goodbye. Well worth following and supporting.

National mascots



  1. Slick
  2. Glossy
  3. Highly polished
  4. Near-identical
  5. Automatons
  6. One blue, one yellow
  7. Morph to resemble whoever is closest to them
  8. Slightly paunchy
  9. Headlights suggest both are taxis for hire
  10. Jointly claim to represent the nation
More here.