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Tom Albrighton

Even sadder, it's not really that far from the way 'find a freelance' sites work. Client posts a two-line, ill-thought-out brief and is deluged with low-cost proposals, from which they can then select the one they fancy - possibly the one that offers some or even all of the work for free.

But what they won't get, either from the crowd or from the cheapo freelancer, is any sort of engagement, care or deep thought.

Nick Asbury

Yes, those sites always amaze me. The client never gets a decent line, and the 'writer' never gets paid. The classic 'lose-lose' situation.

To be fair, I think this is a bit different. Less a case of coming up with an idea, just some variations on a theme, which you don't really need to be a copywriter to come up with.

Incidentally, could they have got that logo any bigger?

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