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Forget about the typos, the whole thing is a teeth-grinder. It's sub Sesame Street.

Nick Asbury

Part of me thinks 'Hey, it's just a deliberately kitsch piece of Americana to add a bit of festive fun to an otherwise dull world – don't worry about it'. But then I watch it again and feel my blood pressure rising.

Helen Baker

I was curious so I clicked on the link. After waiting several seconds (hey, I'm a typical web user!) for it to load I gave up and did something else. Gap should at least create a site that loads in a decent time. (It really should know better.) Nice post, though, made me chuckle.

Nick Asbury

Hi Helen. It actually loaded pretty quickly on my relatively unpowerful MacBook and broadband, so you may have caught it on a bad day - or a very good day, depending on how you look at it...

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