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August 2009

A4 we go


Another day, another road. This one taken in Chiswick on our way home from a weekend trip to London and the Oval. Still a long way to go for the full set.


Tone of voice goes nuclear



Respectable banks offering you 'moolah for ya sky rocket'.

This is a strange time to be a copywriter.

A Cloudy Language #27 to #32

“We can't rule out the odd heavier pulse and that may well intensify through the night, as it tends to sit in a ribbon-like effect in that south-eastern corner.”
Louise Lear

“Cloud and patchy rain starting to fringe into south-eastern parts of England.”
Liam Dutton

“Notice this little piece of energy sort of bends the weatherfront and winds in some fairly hefty downpours.”
Dan Corbett

“18 is the number standing at the bus-stop in Norwich.”
Dan Corbett

“Kent sticking out into the sunshine.”
Peter Cockroft

“Slightly cloudier tomorrow: a little less in the way of sunshine.”
Peter Cockroft

(Included that last one because it can be read as a contradiction in terms.)

More here.

New Country Songs


Not sure why I started coming up with these imaginary country song titles with a modern twist, but here they are. Thanks to Daniel Gray and Mike Reed, who joined in on Twitter and got us up to a triple album's worth.

Mama Get A Hammer (There's A Fly On My Blackberry Storm)

I Keep Forgetting I Forgot (My Online Banking Password)

My Wife Ran Off With My iPod Touch (And I Sure Do Miss It)

Ctrl – Alt – Divorce

I Was Calling Back To See If You Were Calling Back To See If You Could Arrange A Redelivery Time For My Replacement Router

PS3 I Love You

Untag My Heart

Your Heart Has No DRM

I'm So Miserable Without My Blackberry Storm, It's Like I Still Have It

This Song Is Just For You Jesus (And Anyone Within Thirty Feet Of Your Apple Headphones)

You've Got A Facebook Friend

By The Time I Get To Phoenix (You'll Still Be Downloading That PDF)

Error 404: That Love Can't Be Found

Grandpa (Tell Me Bout Second Life)

Ring Of Firewalls / Ringtone of Fire [Double A-side]

Return To Sender (Unknown Address Error 550-"Sender Policy Framework of "tiscali.co.uk" Domain Denied Your IP Address.")

Walk The Line, Then Rasterize It

I Gave Virgin Media A Ring, And They Gave Me The Finger

Achy Breaky Hard Drive

My Phone Ain't Been Ringing, So I Guess It Wasn't Technical Support Calling Me Back Like They Promised

I Don't Know Whether To Kill Myself Or Call BT

If You Put Me On Hold Again (I'm Gonna Hold It Against You)

Making Love To You (Is like Booking A Ticket On thetrainline.com)

I Hate Myself For Loving Windows Vista

I Still Miss You BT Freestyle 750 Cordless Phone (But My Aim Is Getting Better)

If I Had Shot The Guy From Verizon When I Wanted To I'd Be Out By Now

Limerick with ill-advised choice of rhyme words

There was a young man full of angst
who was permanently on the cusp
of releasing a film
about peeling an orange
but he kept having to go to the toilet.

A poster


A while ago, we had the idea of producing a poster made up of photos of British A-roads. Each one would be the size of its corresponding paper size, from an A1 photo of the A1, down to an A9 photo of the A9. So far, we’ve got the A6 and the A1 – hence the many grey areas on this mock-up.

Here's a detail showing the A6 in Cumbria:


We’ll be filling in the gaps over the coming months and years (takes a long time to get anywhere in our 1999 Fiat Brava). See you on the road.