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June 2009

A Cloudy Language #26 (Swearing edition)

“Some pretty steamy showers on the way, which will give way to quite a muddy shite at Glastonbury.”
Tomasz Schafernaker

Thanks to Mike Reed for spotting that one – see here for the full audio clip, in which poor Tomasz gets a fit of the giggles afterwards.

Clearly he meant to say ‘a muddy sight’, but the forecast is probably quite accurate in the context of Glastonbury.

Owen goal


Given that one half of Asbury & Asbury is Liverpool and the other Everton, there are mixed feelings here about the fortunes of Michael Owen, former Liverpool and England football legend, now languishing at relegated Newcastle United, and reduced to advertising himself for sale in an already-infamous 32-page brochure.

Speaking as the red half of Asbury & Asbury, I’d happily have worked on the copy for free. That said, when faced with the brief, I’d like to think my advice would have been “Don’t produce a brochure at all”. Does anyone really need to know Owen’s brand values include ‘Cool’, ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Sincere’?


It’s almost as though the award-winning Christopher Doyle Identity Guidelines have found their counterpart in real life. Not sure if Owen has a colour palette, but he certainly doesn't look great in black and white.

UPDATE: This has since been picked up in a good article on Creative Review’s blog, as well as by fellow wordsmith Rishi Dastidar. Thanks also to Effektive Design who originally brought our attention to it. The latest breaking news is that Hull City are interested in making a bid. Not one to enter for the Design Effectiveness Awards. 

Q&A with A&A

The Casual Optimist, aka Dan Wagstaff of Raincoast Books in Toronto, has just published a Q&A about our Corpoetics project. You can read the whole thing here and have a dig around the rest of the blog while you’re at it. It's a good mix of literary and creative musings and observations, as well as the odd interview with obscure copywriters.

A Cloudy Language #21 to #25

“High pressure is very firmly ruling the weather roost at the moment.”
Susan Powell

“It will be temperatures actually that are our major fluctuating factor.”
Susan Powell

“Some bits of energy will help to set off a few showers...”
Dan Corbett

“If you are sort of stepping out for that Friday afternoon picnic you should be in pretty good shape.”
Dan Corbett

“Then this next clump of something here, this next little sort of surge of some energy in the area of some patchy rain.”
Dan Corbett

Thanks also to Conor Wynne for writing in to alert us to weather stalwart Martin King of TV3 Ireland. Judging by this solitary YouTube clip, his technique seems to rely less on language and more on rapid footwork. As one of the commenters puts it, “Somone should nail his feet to the ground.”

Creative accounting

Just been perusing The Guardian's gallery of MPs' expenses claims, which includes receipts for everything from garden plants to the Tesco weekly shop. Many of them are partially or almost entirely blacked out. It's striking how interesting they become purely as pieces of graphic art. Someone should blow them up and sell them as limited-edition screen prints. Naturally, they would have to be extortionately expensive.

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Two pencils and a poem



The year appears.
Ideas take place.

Exceptional ideas
are showcased.

Exceptional ideas –
as well as yours.

All the best,
The D&AD Awards.


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