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May 2009

Brand new Nick


Just uploaded Nick's new site to bring it in line with Asbury & Asbury. Next up, a similar redesign of my site; then we’ll be one big happy family.

Lullaby for a dormouse

Thought I’d send this sleepy little poem into the world to mark the news that the decline in population of the dormouse is apparently slowing. It’s taken from Songs for Animals, a collection that we’re aiming to produce in book form some time within the next year. Speaking of which, if you know any good animal illustrators who might enjoy a project like this, let us know.

Lullaby for a dormouse

It’s time to go to sleep now.
The sun is up and the day is young,
but it’s time to go to sleep now.

The clouds are heavy with snow.
A hollow will be your winter home
in the roots of the hazel tree.

Let winter come and have his time –
it’s time to sleep and dream.
The ground will soon be soft with snow.

This summer was the happiest one –
so many little things to be done.
But it’s time to go to sleep now.

The world will wait and winter pass,
the way that winters always do.
Spring will come and make things new.

But it’s time to go to sleep now.
The sun is up and the day is young
and it’s time to go to sleep now.

A Cloudy Language #16 to #20

“A wet sphere behind me and for good reason..."
Philip Avery

“You’ll see that not everybody’s picking up on this showery theme.”
Philip Avery

“For Northern Ireland, one or two showers to start the day: not the showeriest regime by any means at all.”
Philip Avery

“A little surge of energy working in, helping to ignite some of that wet weather.”
Lara Lewington

“And you’ll notice that southerly wind, whether you’re blowing bubbles or not.”
Heather Stott

More examples here (and feel free to send in your own).


An appropriately self-satisfied poem to mark the fact that we have been nominated in this year’s D&AD for our Corpoetics project. The nomination comes in the Writing For Design category, alongside the Christopher Doyle identity guidelines. It appears to have been a good year for writing for design, with plenty of entries and in-books, including the likes of Mike Reed and The Chase.

Thanks to Jim Davies, one of the judges, for writing about the project over here (along with some interesting observations on the category as a whole).