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March 2009

Mug Plug


We’ve mentioned them before (here and here) and now they’re finally ready. (Hear, hear.)

Yes, you can now enjoy your tea in whatever tone of voice you like. Sympathetic. Stirring. Yorkshire. Or plain old Mug.

They’re all available in the ambitiously-named ‘Shop’ section of the website. Possibly the only retail outlet in the world that specialises in mugs and poetry.

Have a good browse around – and remember, you pay if you break anything.


Picture 3

Recently got round to contributing our handwritten letter to this collection by Manchester designer Craig Oldham. The project is an interesting look back at what used to be a common pleasure in life and is now all too rare: receiving a proper handwritten letter. Craig’s site is full of nice stuff, so it’s worth a good dig around.

As a curious footnote, Sue has recently been working alongside a designer called Craig at a (very good) agency called Music in Manchester. It was only a few days into being there that she realised his second name was Oldham. If we’d twigged earlier, she could have hand-delivered the handwritten letter.