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"Intangibles Fragmentation" totally got me! This is the greatest thing ever and I thank you.

Nick Asbury

Thanks Erik - Intangibles Fragmentation does sound like a great album.


Hmm, maybe Mark E. Smith is the one secretly behind all these tax dodges?

Steve Bowbrick

I was absolutely sure that 'Thick Capitalisation' was a Fall song. And 'Swiss Roundabout'. In fact I'm pretty sure I've got them both in the loft. Brilliant post.

Nick Asbury

Yes, I think Swiss Roundabout really sorts the men from the boys. Dutch Sandwich also sounds like a Fall song to me - an extended grumble about an ill-advised lunchtime purchase while on tour.


I'm irate, and I'm peeved, I'm irate, and I'm peeved, I'm irate, and I'm peeved, bad state bad state - cos I'm...

Sophia Walker

Carry Bag Man?


These are tracks from the 'Stealing From The 99%' album.


How was "English Scheme" overlooked?!

Nick Asbury

@Philmaves You're right about English Scheme - a serious oversight in the context of this game. Someone has already been fired for this.


W'itholdin' money?


Damn it..only got 7/9.

Judy Wilburn

Failed miserably, but had fun doing so.

Steve T

Tax Deduction Hour is arguably The Fall's greatest album...

King Of Hove

anyone else grooving to "Greek Bailout"?

Michael B

got em all! not sure if this is something to be proud of, i feel like my brain should be full of things that aren't fall track titles

El Noggin

Pay Your Rates you dodgy bunch!

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