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January 2009

Failed joke #5

– What do you get when you cross a didgeridoo with a combine harvester?
– I’m on the phone.

Florals, beads and faded denim



A couple more experiments in fabric art. I do like the brightly coloured beads and would love to cover a complete canvas with them but they're fiddly little buggers and take forever to sew on. I can hear those long winter nights calling me...

Songs for Animals #3

One of our new year’s resolutions is to get Songs for Animals printed up in some shape or form. Here’s another one to be going on with.


– Is that a kittiwake over there?
– No it's a chuffin' puffin!

– It looks more like a tern, to be fair.
– It's not. It's a chuffin' puffin!

– Maybe a rock dove or guillemot?
– I said it's a chuffin' puffin!

– Hang on, it's a puffin! What a good spot!
– Don't mention it. It was nuffin.

Abandoned London


So we’re just about shaking off the seasonal slumber and ready to post again.

Best spot of the festive season was this Flickr set by IanVisits, all taken on Christmas morning in central London. (Found via Design Observer.)

It's pretty much how we imagine London looks every day, now that we've moved out.