Ye'll tak the A road


Our A-roads poster is continuing to take shape. Managed to take in the A7 and A8 on a recent trip to Scotland. Also experimenting with green and yellow for the bands of text, in keeping with the usual A-road signage.



For the uninitiated, this will eventually be a poster in which each picture corresponds to its equivalent paper size, from A1 to A9.

Still a few hundred miles to go before it's finished.


PS: The post title is taken from the chorus of The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond. This version comes with an informative and educational video – the way all videos would be in an ideal world.



A4 we go


Another day, another road. This one taken in Chiswick on our way home from a weekend trip to London and the Oval. Still a long way to go for the full set.


A poster


A while ago, we had the idea of producing a poster made up of photos of British A-roads. Each one would be the size of its corresponding paper size, from an A1 photo of the A1, down to an A9 photo of the A9. So far, we’ve got the A6 and the A1 – hence the many grey areas on this mock-up.

Here's a detail showing the A6 in Cumbria:


We’ll be filling in the gaps over the coming months and years (takes a long time to get anywhere in our 1999 Fiat Brava). See you on the road.