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I don't know what's wrong with throdge.com. It just sounds wrong.

This guy from Germany.

(Seriously. I blogged about the Creative Review-Posting on my Blog when my Readers told me that some of the Names actually are alright, so I picked some of them… [I also have blorph.com, FYI])

Here's my Blog-Entry: http://www.crackajack.de/2012/09/20/the-club-of-unwanted-url-stinkers/

And I'd so like to have vogonian poetry made from bad Domain-Names ;D


FYI: throdge.com is mine, now. ;)

Nick Asbury

Hi René – great to hear from you. I'd like to reply in German, but unfortunately it's beyond me.

Thanks for getting in touch and for the blog post. I would definitely like to keep in touch, so feel free to post updates or email me any time. I agree, a poetic usage would be lovely.

And congratulations on throdge. We are now down to the last four.


Well, I'm apparently the new owner of plooped.com. I promised to use it for something worthy of the name.

Nick Asbury

Hi Jacob

You have proved me wrong - I thought plooped would be the last to go. I'm sure you will do great things with it.

Please drop me a line or post a comment if there are any important plooped-related developments.


Glad to see somebody grabbed splegg.com before I had to ...

Nick Asbury

Yes, I'm expecting great things from splegg.com

We appear to be down to the last two: wrimb.com and skrolch.com

I hold out a small amount of hope for skrolch.com, but only an idiot would buy wrimb.com


I wonder if wrimb.com might appeal to the Welsh Rugby International Marketing Board...

Nick Asbury

Hmm, or possibly the West Riding International Marching Band.


Catchy tagline, Asbury&Asbury! :D

Big Iain

Now this is Bizarre. A decade ago, I registered a .com based upon my own nickname, and I still own it. However, I have always been wary of having too much traceable info on the web, so I also took a random non-word .com address:- WWW.THRODGE.COM

Yes, it did exist, but after a couple of years of basically being an occasional email conduit, I let it lapse.

Of course, I could be lying, except...


Saw this article and was compelled to buy skrolch.com

Nick Asbury

Will, you are a smart man. Very best of luck with skrolch.

So wrimb.com is the last name standing. The last of the unwanted.

Quite right, as it's a terrible name.

Nick Asbury

Big Iain - I meant to reply to your comment earlier. You've opened up a fascinating new front in the Hall of Unwanted Dotcoms. It hadn't occurred to me that some of these names might have a pre-history. This feels similar to discovering there may once have been water on Mars.

Thanks for sharing the story – I'll have to research the others now.

Big Iain

You're welcome, Nick, old chap. I do have a suspicion, that you'll be unsuccessful in finding other zombie domains, but I guess that makes me and my (former) domain all the more unique. Good luck with the research.

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