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Dan Germain (at innocent)

Hello Nick. I was shortlisted for the new edition of the D&AD Copy Book. Sadly didn't make the final cut, maybe because I am in-house and not agency? No examples of in-house or brand copy in the book (as far as I can recall), which is a bit of a shame. The world of copywriting has definitely moved on from sitting on Madison Avenue, writing long copy on yellow legal pads, etc etc, but perhaps the book doesn't reflect that.

Nick Asbury

Hi Dan – that's interesting to hear. I'd assumed they just hadn't considered brand/design writing at all. The subtitle is 'How some of the best advertising writers in the world write their advertising', so it sounds like it's consciously restricted to advertising. But then the introduction talks about how writing is everywhere these days, so it would have made sense to reflect that in the rest of the book. Like I say, just one brand/design project would have been enough to show how things have changed since the last edition, and Innocent would have been the best example. Maybe next time.

Dan Germain (at innocent)

We've written lots of our own adverts too. But I'm not bitter. The first edition of the Copy Book was an inspiration and I was very chuffed to even get close to being in the second.

Nick Asbury

Quite right.

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