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May I please add my support to this worthy cause?
Rob McElwee is a true meterological maverick, a welcome diversion from the vapid, over-familiar weatherbots that increasingly clutter the nation's screens.
It's true that Rob walks a topographical tightrope. Sometimes the man wobbles. On occasion he even tumbles off. But isn't that why we watch any high-wire act?
This is linguistic Health & Safety gone mad. Enough is enough. Our Revolutionary Front must stand its ground.
Make no mistake Mr BBC, I've had a woman on the phone and there's a storm about to hit the South-East. . .

Vivien Barber

Rob McElwee should stay. He's a real meteorologist and goes into depth without losing those without meteorological knowledge. He also manages to entertain, but this is NOT the main reason for radio and television weather forecasts. Give us meteorology, not guff. Is he to suffer from ageism?

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