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Not that I walked away without any LEGO myself, but that doesn't stop me being jealous. Hope you've recovered from the journeys, Nick.

Nick Asbury

Thanks Neil, it was a great night, albeit one that ended with an epically delayed journey that eventually saw me arriving home at 2am, in the car of a nice man who had just been to a Friends of Radio 3 meeting.

Thanks also for reminding me that I should engage the caps lock before writing LEGO in future.


Aw shucks. Well, I don't know about the better part of the deal - I'm looking forward to seeing the Pentone mugs grace the office.

Now the next challenge is giving the bricks to the kids... as a LEGO dad before I became an employee, I know the difficulties.

Speaking of LEGO dads, if you're looking for inspiration there's always http://parents.lego.com - my own little pet project.

Glad to see the caps lock advice Neil. It warms the cockles of my corporate heart!

(BTW I'm only communications manager for a bit of LEGO, not all of it!)

From the desk of Mr. J Fountain

I'd like some Pentone mugs. What else do you need?

Nick Asbury

What we could really do with is £25 plus p&p. But always open to offers.

How much is your desk worth?

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